Scaramuccia was founded in February 2013 on the initiative of violinist and musicologist Javier Lupiáñez with the aim of recovering lesser-known baroque repertoire. Throughout its career the ensemble has been praised by reviewers and audiences for the liveliness and expressiveness of its performances, its audience engagement, and the originality of its programmes. The deep research behind each programme allows Scaramuccia to have the chance and the pleasure of performing forgotten musical treasures hidden among the standard baroque repertoire.

Scaramuccia debuted at the fringes of Bruges and Utrecht festivals in summer 2013 with a very positive reception by audience and organizers.  Since then, the ensemble has established itself in the European Early Music scene as an original proposal. Among other festivals and venues, Scaramuccia has performed at Internationaal Kamermuziek Festival Utrecht – Janine Jansen and Friends, Kasteelconcerten, and Musica Antica da Camera (The Netherlands), Fora do Lugar (Portugal), Festival Internacional de Arte Sacro de Madrid (Spain), Museum Vleeshuis and Philarmonie de Namur (Belgium), Maldon Festival of Arts (United Kingdom), and Festival Echi Lontani (Italy).

In its zeal to discover new music, Scaramuccia had the privilege of attributing for the first time the RV 820 and the RV 205/2 to Vivaldi and performing both pieces as a world première in an interview and a live concert broadcasted by the programme De Musyck Kamer of the Dutch radio station Concertzender in the summer of 2014. These pieces, together with the latest Vivaldi discoveries for violin and basso continuo, were recorded for Ayros in 2015 on the ensemble’s first album.

Scaramuccia was awarded the Audience Prize in the Göttinger Reihe Historischer Musik 2015/2016 competition.

Scaramuccia is currently immersed in “The Cabinet II Project”, a journey to Dresden in the footsteps of the great Konzertmeister Johann Georg Pisendel and his manuscripts preserved in the Schranck II. The scope of the project includes the unearthing of musical works, live performances, sheet music and musicological texts publishing, and CD recordings. “1717. Memories of a Journey to Italy” is the first of these CD and has been released in September 2018.

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Duo Graziani

Exploring the richness and subtlety emanating from the blend of their instruments, unearthing infrequent repertoire, and sharing their musical experiences with their audience are some of the aims of Duo Graziani. Named after the talented cellist Carlo Graziani, who toured all Europe along the second half of the 18th century, the duo is comprised of Inés Salinas (cello) and Alexandra V. Cárdenes (harpsichord). They met each other during their former studies in Spain, where they already developed an intense musical activity together. Few years later, they met again in The Hague, where they are developing a solid career as a duo.

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La Máquina del Tiempo

The Early Music ensemble La Máquina del Tiempo was founded in 2014. It is formed by Sannie de Jongh (traverso), Inés Salinas (violoncello), and Liene Madern-Stradina (historical keyboards). Inspired by H.G.Wells’ novel ‘The Time Machine’, they want to undertake a similar travel through time on their performances, though this time the travel will be to the past. The music written in the second half of 18th century and early 19th century will be their destination. Although recreating the sounds, the manners, the rhetoric and the intentions of musicians and composers who lived more than 200 years ago is a true ambitious goal, they draw on several useful tools: their knowledge of historical performance practice, the performance on copies of historical instruments, and a deep respect and love for chamber music making. Thus, they will carry along their audience on this exciting travel, continuing the human being's everlasting wish of travelling through time. 

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