The Bold Cellist Academy

Cello lessons in The Hague / Cellolessen in Den Haag

The Bold Cellist Academy is the place for the audacious cello learner! Dare to learn the cello, a fantastic instrument with an amazing repertoire. The Bold Cellist Academy is a private cello studio in Bezuidenhout, The Hague, run by Inés Salinas. She is a professional musician specialized in the historical performance of the cello and the viola da gamba, with more than fifteen years of teaching experience. She is currently accepting new students. 

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My teaching approach

Besides enjoying my life as a performer musician, I love teaching! I am a music teacher with a keen interest on helping my students to develop their musical identities and technical abilities. 

Learning an instrument can be a fun and rewarding activity at any age, no matter if you want to become a professional musician, or just want to enjoy an artistic activity in your spare time. Learning music improves coordination, social and emotional skills, and makes us smarter. And music is something everyone needs in their lives, no matter the age, background or profession!

I have more than fifteen years of teaching experience. Throughout this time I have met students of very different backgrounds, ages and approaches to the instrument, who have inspired me a lot. Teaching is also a part of my lifelong learning of the instrument, which enlightens me every time. Also, being an active performer who is used to face a wide variety of styles makes me a more versatile teacher.

According to my own experience and philosophy, the best teacher is the one who teaches you how to become your own teacher. I do my best to follow this approach in my lessons, enhancing the student’s autonomy and own identity.

I use a bunch of different methods and resources, which helps me to match the needs, musical taste and level of each student. In my lessons I play together with the students from the very beginning, so that I can help them to improve their intonation and rhythm in the most efficient way and we can have even more fun! A special focus is put on keeping a natural and relaxed body posture while playing, in order to produce an open sound and be able to play with comfort. Also, as you might have noticed by browsing through this website, I am especially fond of baroque music, so if you are too, I will be happy to focus on this repertoire, or even introducing you to the baroque cello. But other styles are most welcome as well!

I accept students of any level and any age over six years old. I teach in English or Spanish, and I have some knowledge of Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and French. I teach at my place in Den Haag (Bezuidenhout). If you are not able to come to my place or you live elsewhere, I also offer online lessons for non-beginner students.

Lessons take place ideally on a weekly basis, and can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. For students younger than eight years old, I advise taking 30 minutes long lessons.

We can set a fixed time or adjust it every week if that works better for you. I am flexible on this, but I do not like last minute cancellations, so I appreciate some responsibility from the student's side.

What is included in my lessons:

  • Personal method adapted to the individual needs of each student
  • Sheetmusic
  • Music theory basics
  • Leads on finding further coaching on music theory
  • Advice on purchase/rental of a cello
  • Newsletter with cello-related content

Lessons rates as from 1 August 2020 are:

  • 30 minutes: €31,5
  • 45 minutes: €36,75
  • 60 minutes: €42

The fees are to be paid by bank transfer at the end of each month upon receive of an invoice.

Inés has been my cello teacher since three years now. She has always helped me with everything, and she always made me enjoy. She always encouraged me when I was tired, and was always patient.


She is an excellent teacher for me, she does not rest till she has showed you all the small failures in your playing the cello.

She is always correct concerning the appointments.


Inés is a wonderful teacher. She is patient and encouraging, and she creates a really nice atmosphere during our lessons that makes playing cello even more fun.



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